Installing new flooring can be a big project, and it’s important to get it right the first time to avoid costly mistakes. Here are five common mistakes to avoid during your flooring installation:

  1. Not properly preparing the subfloor. The subfloor, or the surface beneath your new flooring, needs to be level, clean, and dry before installation. Any imperfections in the subfloor can cause issues with the new flooring, such as unevenness or cracking. Make sure to properly prepare the subfloor according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  2. Not allowing for expansion and contraction. Different types of flooring materials expand and contract at different rates due to changes in temperature and humidity. It’s important to leave enough space around the perimeter of the room for this expansion and contraction to occur. If you don’t, you may end up with gaps or buckling in your new floor.

  3. Using the wrong adhesive. Different types of flooring materials require different types of adhesives. Using the wrong adhesive can cause issues with the installation and the longevity of your new floor. Make sure to use the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer.

  4. Not measuring accurately. Measure twice, cut once. This old saying holds true for flooring installation. Make sure to accurately measure the area where you will be installing the new flooring to avoid having to make additional cuts or having too much material left over.

  5. Not allowing for proper acclimation. Some types of flooring materials, such as hardwood, need to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in the room where they will be installed. This means leaving the material in the room for a certain period of time before installation. Failing to do so can cause issues with the installation and the overall performance of the flooring.

Avoiding these common mistakes will help ensure a successful flooring installation project. If you’re not confident in your ability to handle the installation yourself, consider hiring a professional team to ensure the job is done right.